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For transport and storage


About tanks

Company FORP manufactures tanks for transport and storage of fertilizers, pesticides, and other liquids. We manufacture tanks from polypropylene sheaths with supporting frame, which ensures safety and durability of tank during transport

The plastic tanks can be equipping with various fittings, sensors, hatches. The tanks satisfy the strictest requirements for filed operation for 20 and more years.

Main advantages:

  • ultra durable UV-protective layer;
  • frame from German polypropylene;
  • external supporting frame;
  • relievable support (against body's wall);
  • can be installed onto various cars, trailers, and semitrailers;
  • individual mounting system for each body;
  • stiffening belts for additional reinforcement;
  • the wall thickness, based on volume, is 5-20 mm.

Range of application:

  • liquid fertilizers;
  • water transport;
  • pesticides;
  • oils.


  • strapping rings;
  • hatch;
  • breathing valve;
  • inlet;
  • level indicator;
  • settling walls;
  • outlet;
  • support (against body's wall).


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+38 (067) 100-03-52

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