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Sewer pump station

Manufacturing of package and sewer pump systems

for private houses and businesses

About SPS:

Sewer pump station (SPS) is a complex of hydrotechnical equipment and building, which are used for moving of household, industrial of dump wastewaters in cases where gravitational drainage is not possible.

Advantage of SPS:

  • complete containment;
  • absence of corrosion;
  • high mechanical strength;
  • small weight;
  • low building and installation costs.

Operation and maintenance

The wastewater flows trough piping into intake (lower) part, where pumps are located. The pipes leading to pumps are reequipped with reverse valves, that prevent return of wastewater into the piping. Lower part of SPS is equipped with a basked, that traps any debris, preventing it from getting into pump. The access to basked and pump, for cleaning and maintenance is provided by the hatch at the top of SPS. The stations is equipped with a chain and guiding pump for extraction of the pump, and in order to get down the well is equipped with stairs and maintenance bay. The station is equipped with sensors for monitoring the pump operation.

Fields of applications:

  • industrial businesses;
  • purification plants;
  • trading centers;
  • car services;
  • gas stations.

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