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Oil traps

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About oil traps

The oil traps are designed for removal of oil from industrial wastewater. They are mainly used at plants as an addition to water treatment facilities, that are necessary for treating plant's wastewater. The can also be used in water treatment systems of carwashes etc.


  • for treatment of washing, surface, production wastewater at carwashes;
  • storage complexes;
  • gas station;
  • industrial plants;
  • railroads;
  • ports;
  • transport terminal;
  • airports etc.

Possible shapes:

  • underground;
  • surface-mounted – usually installed inside buildings;
  • mobile – installed onto platforms of automobile, railroad carts, sea and river vessel;
  • cylindrical;
  • rectangular.

Main advantages:

  • guaranteed high removal effectiveness of oil and suspended particles;
  • do not require replacement. after maintenance the traps are ready for operation;
  • built from strong and long-lasting materials;
  • convenient removal from oil separator for washing;
  • can be washed with regular tap water;
  • the installation is significantly cheaper in comparison to installation of analogues equipment from metal or concrete.

Product's documents:

Material safety certificate
Material certificate


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