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Grease traps

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About grease traps:

Grease trap is designed for trapping oil and grease, which are found in wastewater as a by-product of food processing, in order to prevent blockage of sewer system.

If grease gets into drainage system it causes mechanical issue ‑ sewer blockage and sanitary ‑ foul smell. Additionally, presence of oils, grease and starches in wastewater worsen sedimentary properties of sludge. Grease traps cannot be used for dumping of toilet and bathroom wastewater.

Advantage of grease trap:

  • simple installation of parts which is realized at site of specific object;
  • the polypropylene material makes it resistant to acids and aggressive liquids;
  • simple operation
  • lightweight
  • equipped with a lid, which blocks unpleasant smells.


Grease trap has rectangular or cylindrical shape. Inside, it is split into technological chambers.

Operation principle : the grease-containing wastewater flow into fir chamber of grease trap, where sedimentation of suspended particles occurs, after that all separated grease rises to surface layer. The wastewater separated from grease and suspended solid enter second chamber of grease trap, where additional grease separation occurs, and only after this stage the wastewater is dumped into sewer system Далі очищені від жирів та зважених речовин стічні води надходять до другого відсік. The separated grease is stored in grease collector, and after some time it is removed from grease trap. Owing to special construction of grease trap and its lid, the smell does not leave the trap.


  • self-carrying (for concreting );
  • non self-carrying ;
  • industrial;
  • household.

Application fields:

  • restaurant ;
  • cafe;
  • bars;
  • fast-food kitchens;
  • pre-packaged food workshops;
  • meat and dairy industries;
  • canned foot plants;
  • fish processing plants;
  • meat market, slaughterhouses, processing workshops;
  • creameries.

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Product's documents:

Material safety certificate
Material certificate

Answers to frequently asked questions:

1. What are grease traps and what are they for?

All water that we used must be treated using special treatment plants, before it can be returned to the nature. Wastewater from cafe, restaurants food plants and other industrial facilities contain significant amounts animal and vegetable grease waste which is major issue for treatment facilities. By accumulating on the wall of sewer pipes, the grease waste become the main issues of blockages. This problem can be solved by preliminary treatment of wastewater and thus grease traps were created.

Grease trap is a sealed container which is split into chambers, in which separation of grease from water occurs. Because density of grease is lower than that of water, it accumulates in upper region of grease trap and purified water is dumped into the sewer trough splitter. Today, the water service company require installation of grease traps where contamination of wastewater with grease waste occurs.

2. How grease trap works? Does it require connection to power grid?

The operation principle of grease is trap is simple and is based on physics. The water from sink flows into the inlet of grease trap, and because of difference in density (grease is less dense than water), the grease is separated from water. Small particles of oils and fat, rise to surface and combine with each other forming a layer of grease, and the purified water is dumped into the sewer. Such equipment does not require connection to power grind, but it has strict requirements to the level on which it is to be installed.

3.Can you manufacture the trap that differs from standard sizes? Can the inlet and outlet pipe be located on the long side of grease trap and can they be of other size?

Of coerce! We can produce grease trap according to Your specification, and we can also produce sand and starch traps.

4. How often the grease trap must be cleaned how it is done?

The grease must be removed as it is accumulated inside the trap. For a small trap for a sink, we recommend cleaning at least 1 time per week. Cleaning of grease trap is a mandatory procedure and is necessary for it to operate properly. To clean the trap, you open the lid and manually remove grease waste. Keep in mind, that grease waste is class 4 of dangerous compounds, as such they must be disposed at certified landfills. Sadly, a lot of cafe and restaurant owner do not wish to spend on time and money on disposal of spent grease, dumping it as any other trash. Nevertheless, the controlling agencies can ask paper for waste disposal.

5. Is it possible to get and discount on Your products?

For each client, we have an individual approach, regarded of You being representative of large building company, owner of restaurant chain or a client who wants to but a grease trap for their house. We have a discount system for regular clients and provide discounts on large orders.

6. How can make an order from Your company?

If you have decided on which equipment you need:

  • Send us an order along with requisites at our E-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. The FORP company sends you a reply with a bill.
  • You pay the bill.
  • FORP company ships the ordered equipment.

You can receive your equipment directly from our warehouse or via courier delivery.You can pay in cash at our office or pay upon once your equipment was deliver by transport company. If you have questions regarding what equipment is best suited for you, call our managers (067) 100-03-52.

We guarantee to help you!

7. In what time can I expect to receive the order?

The manufacturing time depend on the number of ordered equipment and its complexity, and is usually within 1-3 working days. If you order an industrial grease trap, then manufacturing time of such equipment is to be discussed with our manager, and it is usually more than 5  working days.


Our manager can consult You and answer all of Your questions. Just send us You name, phone number and we will contact You in short time
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