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Pickling and galvanizing tanks

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About pickling and galvanizing tanks

Polypropylene pickling and galvanizing tanks (for acids, galvanic solutions) have found wide application in various production fields. This is the main equipment of galvanic line. pickling and galvanizing tanks contain special solution for electrochemical (galvanic) and chemical treatmet of work piece surfaces.

Types of pickling and galvanizing tanks:

  • zinc plating tanks;
  • rinsing tanks;
  • anodizing tanks;
  • passivation tanks, etc.

Main advantages:

  • high production quality;
  • resistance to influence of chemical compounds;
  • complete water tightness ;
  • safe for human health;
  • reliability and convenience during operation, long working life cycle.

Frame material:

  • PP (polypropylene);
    the most common material because of its properties – high thermal and chemical stability. Polypropylene galvanic bath are used for such procedures as pickling, chromatin, zinc plating, degreasing etc.
  • PE (polyethylene);
    close analogue of polypropylene, used according to chemical stability
  • PVC (Polyvinylchloride);
    posses excellent chemical stability, namely towards acids, alkali and salts, suitable for bleaching and passivation processes
  • PVDF (Polyvinylidene fluoride);
    and idea material for extremely aggressive media

Based on client's specification, the baths can be equipped with:

  • shutoff valve;
  • heaters (steam, electricity);
  • current collectors;
  • traps;
  • rods;
  • mixing devices;
  • lateral exhaust.

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