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About ventilation

Polypropylene ventilation is great alternative to metal ventilation. Today, the propylene is one of the most promising plastic materials, owing to high strength ecological safety and stability to external influence.

Owing to this, the polypropylene ventilation is characterized by resistance to aggressive chemicals, temperature range (from -35 to +80 ºС), UV-irradiation and other factors which warranties has wear-resistance over long period of operation.

Owing to high strength and ecological safety, polypropylene ventilation is widely used as household ventilation (apartment, house, garage) and for industrial objects.

The products find application in:

  • chemical production;
  • galvanic and etching shops;
  • chemical laboratories;
  • metallurgic industry.

Main advantages:

  • high quality of manufacturing;
  • high resistance to aggressive chemicals;
  • high wear resistance and strength;
  • long operation time;
  • manufacturing of any shape and size according to client's specifications.

Конфігурації повітроводів та  фасонних виробів до них різноманітні:

  • round;
  • square;
  • lateral exhaust;
  • витяжні парасолі;
  • fume hood;
  • T-couplers; exhausts;
  • couplings;
  • transitions;
  • crossings;
  • connectors;
  • gates;
  • plugs;
  • slide-gates;
  • flexible inserts and other elements of ventilation system.

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