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Drainage-accumulation system

Application and brief description:

The system is tunnel-type accumulation drainage system, which is composed of light plastic tunnel sealed from both sides with frontal lids. This forms underground space of significant volume for accumulation and gradual drainage of water, from lower surface of tunnel and up to the very top.

Tunnels have 100% volume utilization, and in comparison to traditional system allows to save more than 2/3 volume of soil works. Rainwater can additionally get into the tunnel trough the top and holes in plastic lids. The tunnel is composed of three parts: the tunnel, inlet and outlet lids. The inlet lit has measuring holes for water inflow and can be connoted to piping system.

Depending of water permeability of the soil, one or few systems are installed. The location depends on depth of the groundwater.

Main advantages:

  • minimal installation cost;
  • compactness;
  • strength and high capacity;
  • long working life cycle;
  • up to 100% of volume utilization.


  • size (L×H×W), m: 2,3×0,81×1,3
  • working length, m: 2,25
  • volume (internal), L: 1600.

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